We are professional in Chemical Hose over 14 years since 2004:

1. Factory Cover 80,000 ㎡; 2.Italy OMA wire Spiral production line ; 3.6 Wire Spiral production line from South Korea; 4.6 Germany Mayer-15 braider machines ; 5.Our Production capacity reach 100million meters in 2013; 6.R&D Italy BILMA high pressure impulse testing platform; 7.36 Engineers , 20 senior engineers, 2 professors and doctor director, patent certificate over 20.

Corrosion-resistant steam hose, high temperature steam hose

Corrosive Vapors When the water used to generate steam contains dissolved air, oxygen, or carbon dioxide, these gases eventually act as contaminants in the steam. At high temperatures in steam, oxygen and carbon dioxide are extremely corrosive. Carbon dioxide is acidic and therefore attacks the metal, which can corrode the metal and oxidize the rubber. Metals are 40 times faster in oxygen and sour gas than when used alone. Therefore, boiler water is usually used not only to remove the “hardness” that would cause boiler “scale”, but also to remove dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide, and to ensure that the steam is not only not acidic, but even slightly alkaline. Boiler water treatment is a professional subject beyond the scope of this technical document, but correct steam generation is very important.