We are professional in Chemical Hose over 14 years since 2004:

1. Factory Cover 80,000 ㎡; 2.Italy OMA wire Spiral production line ; 3.6 Wire Spiral production line from South Korea; 4.6 Germany Mayer-15 braider machines ; 5.Our Production capacity reach 100million meters in 2013; 6.R&D Italy BILMA high pressure impulse testing platform; 7.36 Engineers , 20 senior engineers, 2 professors and doctor director, patent certificate over 20.

Steam hose selection and use

Processing steam is a very dangerous situation. Use of care and some safety measures can reduce or eliminate personal or property damage.
Selecting and using a steam hose 1. Make sure the steam hose is identified as a steam hose. Explain the working pressure and temperature class 2. Make sure that the working pressure and temperature do not exceed 3. Do not allow the hose to hold pressure when the hose is not in use 4. Avoid excessive bending or deflection of the hose. Linear operation is preferred. If you need to bend as part of the operation, the spring guard may help. 5. Make sure to use the recommended steam hose fitting and the clamp on the hose.