We are professional in Chemical Hose over 14 years since 2004:

1. Factory Cover 80,000 ㎡; 2.Italy OMA wire Spiral production line ; 3.6 Wire Spiral production line from South Korea; 4.6 Germany Mayer-15 braider machines ; 5.Our Production capacity reach 100million meters in 2013; 6.R&D Italy BILMA high pressure impulse testing platform; 7.36 Engineers , 20 senior engineers, 2 professors and doctor director, patent certificate over 20.

Steam hose use and maintenance

Maintaining the steam hose 1. Regular inspection of the hose should include finding the cover blisters and agglomeration 2. Check the kinks that may damage the hose 3. Empty the hose after each use to avoid damaging the hose before the hose is run to avoid “Popcorn” 4. Check the tightness of the clamp bolts after each use 5. Check the clamps for contact. If so, reconnect with a smaller clamp with a hose to ensure the tightness or clamping force of the hose. 6. Do not store the hose on the hook. 7. Steam hoses located on the metal frame or installed around the steel pipe will dry the hose, causing the pipe and lid to crack.